Latest stroke prevention strategies to be showcased at SVIN 2019 Annual Meeting

Latest stroke prevention strategies to be showcased at SVIN 2019 Annual Meeting

The Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) is committed to improving stroke prevention strategies as well as expanding access to the most impactful and modern acute stroke treatments to our patients worldwide. Stroke and interventional neurologists who are members of SVIN continue to work collaboratively with interventional neuro-radiologists and endovascular neurosurgeons to achieve better outcomes for stroke patients.

In the past year, many important advances in stroke science have occurred that will have a tremendous impact throughout the United States and worldwide. Drs. Raul Nogueira, Francisco Mont'Alverne, and their colleagues completed the Resilient Mechanical Thrombectomy trial in Brazil, which continues to demonstrate the remarkable treatment effect of acute ischemic stroke thrombectomy worldwide.

In addition, The WEB-IT Study, led by endovascular neurosurgeon Dr. Adam Arthur of the Woven EndoBridge (WEB) Endosaccular Aneurysm Embolization Device was published and has led to the application of this technology in the United States. This study demonstrated the superior safety and efficacy of the WEB compared to previous technologies for the treatment of wide-neck bifurcation aneurysms. Both studies will undoubtedly have an important impact on both improved patient outcomes and access to modern stroke therapies.
The SVIN 2019 Annual Meeting, taking place November 20-23 in Atlanta, GA, is a premier scientific forum for leaders in the field of stroke and neurointerventional surgery. "We are excited to have investigators like Dr. Nogueira, Dr. Arthur, and many others representing five different continents at the Annual Meeting to share their expertise and science," commented Dr. Lucas Elijovich, MD, FAHA, FSVIN, Chair of SVIN's 2019 Annual Meeting. "Bringing together a diverse multidisciplinary group is one of the many strengths of SVIN, and we believe it is of immense benefit to our patients."

The SVIN Annual Meeting continues to grow, and this year's panel of leading stroke experts, organized by Dr. Alicia Castonguay, was charged to rigorously review more than 200 scientific research submissions to select the latest clinical trials and breakthrough technology to be showcased at the SVIN's 2019 Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting kicks off again this year with the 7th annual Stroke Center Day (formerly the Stroke Center Workshop) taking place on November 20th, chaired by Dr. Jawad Kirmani, and will conclude on November 23rd with the 2nd annual Fellows Workshop, chaired by Dr. Ameer E. Hassan. The Stroke Center Day is a full-day program providing a unique opportunity for healthcare administrators and healthcare providers to delve into what makes a successful stroke center by hearing from the experts. A wide range of topics will be presented that are essential to the business, healthcare delivery, and research that are integral to stroke center operations.

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